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Rasgulla | Sweet Cottage Cheese balls in Sugar Syrup

Who don't like and who don't make this one? Everyone right. But this is foolproof recipe as per me to get soft and spongy rasgulla. Well this is not first time I am making this but before that I experiment with  Chocolate Rasgulla in Brown Sugar Syrup and  Rabdi Rasgulla but never gave you recipe of regular rasgulla. To write down seems like long process but believe me, I was done in less than hour from start to making paneer to put it in sugar syrup. Actually happened that, after coming back from grocery, I didn't had space in the fridge to put old milk gallons, Oh ya, I made this from regular Indian store / Supermarket whole milk. I don't buy any special milk so. Milk was about to expired and was not in the mood to keep the whole gallon jar just because I had little bit of milk in it or didn't wanted to keep it out in glass. So instantly made paneer out of it and in 20 minutes made balls and put them in lite syrup and then little thick syrup and enjoy it next day till its chill. Done. My paneer was not even a cup , so just had 11 or so balls but it is more than enough for two of us because kids won't even touch it. If you don't want this, just made rabdi and squeeze water out of it and add it in milk and you have rasmalai.

Ingredients for Paneer balls

1 cup of fresh paneer (make paneer and wash it thoroughly and leave it for 20 minutes and then start mashing it with your hands)
pinch of saffron - optional

Take the paneer and add saffron and mix till nice balls form up, just take not more than 15 minutes. Make balls and keep it aside.

Ingredients for Light Sugar Syrup:

Since I had not much balls, I made very less syrup. but for large quantity you can take 1 cup sugar and 4-5 cups water and  boil it with pinch of cardamom powder or just one whole green cardamom. Add balls in it , if you have too many balls , make it in batch . After adding balls, just cover it and let it cook for 15 minutes. Take it out and put it in cold water.
In that leftover syrup, add 1/4 cup more sugar and cup of water and let it boil and make sugar to dissolve. Once sugar is dissolve, shut off the gas. Once the syrup is cold, add the balls , after squeezing water , into that syrup. Leave it overnight for best result or 2-3 hours in fridge to chill.
Enjoy it once its chill.

Don't throw away that syrup, use it in your coffee or tea or where ever you use sugar. Best way to use up any sugar syrup is , make sweet shakarpara, instead of melting sugar, you already have it, just add it in flour, make a dough and make diamonds and cut it and fry it.

 Just because I added saffron inside the balls, its getting light yellowish in color, which I like it too.

Inspired from here.

Made Rasmalai out of rest of it.
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  1. wow... such delicious looking soft rasgullas...

  2. yummy and spongy looking rasgullas

  3. I have never made before but indeed, always my fav. Love the gullas made from paneer.

  4. Tasty rasa gullas made to perfection. Love to eat some right now.

  5. wow so spongy and yummy made it very well..

  6. Yummy looking rasgullas. I bet Garima would not have even dreamt her post would be a sensation overnight :)

  7. Thanks Meena, when you have 100% foolproof recipe , it has to work and appreciated by all. I just wanted to make it with regular milk, not with any particular brand or stuff. so have to try this.

  8. soft and yummy looking Rasgullas. Thanks for the idea to use of sugar syrup, i refrigerated the sugar syrup and now will make some diamond cuts with it and let you know :)
    Happy Diwali :)

  9. lovely spongy rasgullas. Look delicious. Happy Diwali. Thank you for linking the recipe to the diwali event.

  10. mouthwatering n spongy ones dear..Wishing u a happy Diwali :)

  11. Tempting spongy rasgulla. Happy Diwali

  12. Very delicious rasgulla, thanks or sharing with Hearth an soul blog hop.

  13. wow just perfect. this is one dessert I dont have a foolproof recipe. sometimes it turns out great and others duh:(urs is done to perfection

  14. Perfect! Thanx for linking this recipe to my ongoing event- Wedding Anniversary Cakes & Sweets

  15. You cook like a queen! Perfect!!


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