Monday, December 23, 2013

Candy Cane Squares

I love no bake desserts specially cheesecakes, so I keep cream cheese always in my fridge, if I have get together at home or we are going somewhere, its easy and always a crowd pleasure desserts. So when we were going for diner at friend's house I made this and it was big success with both kids and adults. You can freeze or refrigerate both,. perfect for holiday diner.

Ingredients :

For crust :

2 cups crushed Oreo
4 tbsp. melted butter

Filling :

1/2 cup powder sugar or as per taste
1 candy cane flavor pudding mix.
1 cup cold milk
1 cup whipped cream
few candy cane for decorations


Combine curst ingredients in a bowl or dish which you are going to use, Since I was taking that for friends house, I made it in aluminum round dish. Spread crust in the bottom of the dish and leave it aside.
Take one bowl and  add candy cane pudding with milk, fold it till its creamy then  , fold in whipped cream and candy cane. 
Pour this mixture over the Oreo crust.
Spread it evenly and sprinkle candy cane on top.
Cover the dish and put it in fridge for 2-3 hours.
when you are ready to eat, take it out and cut it in squares or triangle and enjoy.

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  1. That's a super fast dessert.yummy

  2. oh wow... that's a lovely dessert...

  3. You have so many easy recipes love these candy cane squares.

    1. Yes Meena, I like to keep simple and easy in cooking and life both.

  4. Wow that is a different dessert. Love the oreo crust dear. colourful Perfectly made dessert.

  5. thats perfect for the season !! nice colour too, dear.
    Seasonal you and family too.

  6. Please include me in your gang; that loving no bake recipes. Its so simple yet the outcome is uplifting esp the color.

    1. Thanks Nava, Sure join the gang. You will see more of it here.

  7. Wow , wonderful no bake desert . Lovely....

  8. Simple & delicious . And plus point no bake.

  9. This looks so yummy and very easy .Love these candy cane squares...

  10. luks like a easy dessert n so creamy..tempting colour.

  11. Wow ... you are soo innovative ..
    Thank you for linking it to my event

  12. wow tats so easy toi make. Yummy they look

  13. Wow Linsy!! This is simply amazing, because it is easy to whip up, because it looks great and i am sure it must have tested heavenly!!

  14. This looks so simple yet very delicious ....

  15. This looks amazing and so colourful thankyou for sending it to Lets cook party food for christmas.


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