Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Coconut Tuttifrutti Laddos (Balls)


It has been a very bad rep given by Hindi movies to Indian Christians that all are drunks or don't know how to speak Hindi or wear small clothes. which is not at all right. Christians are in every part of India and they live and cook their food same like other people. We make cakes during Christmas time no doubt about that but we make other goodies too, same as Diwali. How I know about this ? because I born and brought up in Christian home , so I know all this. Hope every one has nice Christmas.

I had more than half can of condensed milk sitting in the fridge and every time I open my fridge , it calls my name , saying eat me please. I love to eat condensed milk as it is, I can eat the whole can , not in one sitting but little by little spoon every day. So after resisting take a spoon out of it again, I thought no , lets make something out of it. I remember my first sweet I made when I don't even know how to cook was coconut balls from condensed milk and coconut powder. I had it both so I thought why not to make those again. Its been ages I had those, but being a blogger I have to improvise little too. Had half a packet of tutti-frutti too. So I take that out too and was staring at them , thinking I am in Chopped kitchen. It was not hard to make so made it and love it.

Ingredients :

2 cup coconut powder
3/4 cup condensed milk (or as per your sweet tooth)
few cashews and almonds chopped
pinch of cardamom powder
2 tbsp. tutti-frutti


Take coconut powder in a bowl. Add chopped cashews , almonds and cardamom powder in it.
Start adding condensed milk little by little, I started at 1/4 cup and then I forward if I needed more.
Don't pour all condensed milk all together.
Add tutti fruttie in it.
Then pressed it with spoon to form a dough.
Make rounds and put it in the fridge for 10 minutes. Depend upon where do you can live,  outside or inside the fridge. Enjoy the sweet goodness of coconut balls.

I had the rose molds so I put it in that. If you want to do any fancy do it.

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  1. Linsy,

    People build perception base on what they think, what they hear and see. But its perception, so why bother? You know better don't you?

    Nice simple laddos and you know I hardly make sweets because I don't like to spend hours in the kitchen. Therefore, I shall grab this recipe immediately.

  2. ah... some lovely laddoos out there... i guess u just need to ignore perceptions... it's just like how movies and media show Muslims as well, it's all about projecting urself in a good way... :)

  3. yummy ladoos and as they both said earlier, you just need to ignore perceptions.

  4. che sono buoni!! complimenti!! Buon Natale!!!

  5. coconut tuttifruitti laddos looks delicious, Thanks for sharing with favoriterecipes event: christmas recipes.

  6. Lovely, yummy and quick!! Loved these laddoos..

  7. Laddos looks godly, good that it is simple and you had made from available ingredients :)

  8. Very simple yet delicious.Thanks for sending it to Lets cook party food for christmas.

    1. Thanks Nayna, looks like we both were thinking same about ladoo.

  9. Quick, easy and yummy looking laddoos.

  10. Quick to make kids friendly ladoos, delicious so!!!

  11. Very true toh only Christians are target but never mind. God is with us..these ladoos are amazingly delicious.. quick and easy too.

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