Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Favorite Thali - Complete Dish

I love thali, means a complete dish , from appetizer to dessert all there. Its on like five course or seven course diner like here, but everything is there, you can enjoy the way you want to eat. if you like sweet then you can have it first or eat your rice first then roti. I was having guest over for diner and he told me that he love some Gujarati food. In my house we both are not that much in to gujju food, back home in my parents house , although we all born and brought up in Gujarat, we never had typical gujju food. Never had in my life dal dhokli or sugar in each and everything like normal household wives do or farsan (snacks) for diner. From his side, his family had gujju food but they love all kind of cuisine and so he also not used to that so I was not keen on making that, so I mix and match and come up with this dish. Hope you all will enjoy it too.

Thank you all for the wonderful comments over last week and this week posts. All that inspires me to post more creative and yummy dishes.

Thali (Dish) contains:

Cauliflower- pigeon peas , turnip curry

Heat a oil, add onion in it, make it little brown , add ginger, garlic, chili paste along with turmeric powder, red chili powder, cumin coriander powder, sambhar powder, tomato puree. mix it and then add cauliflower, pigeon peas, turnip and salt. Cover and cook till its done.

Adad ni Dal

Green Chickpeas and Spinach curry:

In oil, add green onion and cook for  minutes, add powder masala, ginger garlic paste and chopped tomatoes. Add frozen green chickpeas and spinach and add water and salt and cook till chickpeas soft.


Simple onion, cucumber, tomatoes Raita

Mixed Pickle

Corn and Jeera Rice : Temper cooked and cold rice with cumin and corn

Dhokla : Make Dhokla batter and put it in two greased dish.

Steamed it for 15 minutes.
Take it out and cool it and tempered it with mustard seeds and green chilies.

Dessert : Brown Rice Kheer / Pudding

I had papad too but forgot to add it in the picture.

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  1. Let me start with the dhoklas always go for the Gujrathi unlimited thali just for those.
    What a nice thali u have put looks yummm.

  2. the thali looks awesome... so tempting...

  3. Lovely thali...all looks yummy...

  4. Excellent round up for a delicious thali. I love it too, in fact very much.

  5. This is really really yumm.. Cant stop drooling.

  6. wow fantastic lincy Now am too loving this fusion thali :) I even try to make fusion dishes when we have a get together :) am drooling here :)

  7. wow.. you are tempting with such an delecious thali :)

  8. Delicious thali dish love it Linsy.

  9. vah reh vah, this thali looks so delicious and is super tempting, makes me hungry...

  10. Hey.. I didn't know you eat non-veg.. I just saw your comment on mine.. This thaali makes me hungry again now.!!

  11. Oh god, thali looks absolutely stunning, i want them rite now.

  12. dhokla are my most favorite food.. You have tempted me to do a full blown thali now..

  13. amazing thali ! please pass it :)

  14. very yummy luking thali .each one luks very declicious..


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