Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sweet Corn Soup with Vegetables and Tofu

I used to make sweet corn soup only with tofu but it was not filling soup. I never made it only soup because I always had it with main dish like fried rice and any Chinese dish. But this time I decided to add vegetables in it to make it more crunchy and filling and believe me it was so good. Generally after having Chinese or Thai food for diner , we have to have some dessert because in hour or two we feel like having dessert because while eating diner we feel full but it digest too fast and we feel hungry again. but with this soup that was not the case. This soup goes very well with quesadillas or wraps or any sandwiches, as a soup and sandwich combo.


1 can cream style sweet corn
few florets of broccoli
half block of firm tofu , cut in cubes
7-8 spring beans cut in small pieces
1 carrot chopped
2-3 green garlic chopped
1 thinly slice thai chili
few slices of ginger
2 tsp. soya sauce
2 tsp. or as per your taste sriracha sauce
few green onions chopped for garnish
pinch of white pepper powder
pinch of black pepper powder
1 tsp. of oil


Heat a pan, add oil in it. when its hot, add green garlic and ginger, chili. Cook for minute then add all the vegetables and cook for minute.
Add can of sweet corn and add water in empty can and then pour that in soup.
add soya sauce , sriracha, both pepper powder and mix it.
Add tofu in it and cook till it boil.
Serve it hot in a bowl , garnish with green onions.
You can have it with your main course of Chinese diner or with sandwich or wraps or just like that.

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  1. it is raining here and this soup seems perfect for the climate!!!

  2. Soup looks super tasty. with tofu no words to explain the taste.

  3. thats something healthy on my plate...Bang on for me :)

  4. Amazing recipe. Love the fact that it has a lot of healthy veggies :)

  5. Yum - this sounds delicious! I need to get my hands on some soya sauce!

  6. Looks so good linsy ...wonderful soup .

  7. Raining here. A perfect soup for this kind of climate.

  8. Healthy soup...looks too good...

  9. Healthy soup...looks too good...

  10. perfect filling soup with loads of veggies n tofu in it!

  11. yummy soup.. I dont need food also if i have this.. :)

  12. Yum yum!!! nice, simple and very warming bowl of veg soup.

  13. nice soup. .. with tofu uve made it super duper healthy

  14. That looks super yumm... I love corn soups, really filling

  15. Delicious healthy soup, thanks for sharing with Hearth and Soul blog hop.

  16. I loved how healthy you have made it!! I am tempted to try it out..

  17. This sounds delicious - I love tofu in soups, it always picks up all the lovely flavours!

  18. I probably never tried a combo of sweet corn n tofu!!! I should try out this one soon... Lovely to have this entry at the event :)

  19. Another good recipe. Thanks for sharing!
    Sonal @ simplyvegetarian777

  20. Thanks for sharing this satisfying soup with NCR.


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