Friday, November 28, 2014

Burrito Bowl - My Way

Whenever we go to Chipotle, I always order their burrito bowl because you can see what are you eating and its fun whatever you want to eat , you can add it and eat it too. I always create that bowl at home and enjoyed it too. But this time I take a time to take a pictures of all the dishes I made for my diner and share it with you. This is not your typical Chipotle style bowl but its my version of the dish. They have just white rice with coriander in it, here I made brown rice with vegetables in it because face it, its a big struggle to add vegetables in your diet. For beans too, instead of whole beans, I used refried beans because I like that, if you dont want to use refried beans, use whole black beans or kidney beans and follow rest of the recipe. Just add little extra water to cook those beans. Rest is easy, just grilled the vegetables and enjoy your bowl.

Ingredients for Rice 

1 cup of cooked and cold brown rice
1 onion chopped
1/2 cup cooked black beans
1/2 cup thawed corn
4 cloves of garlic chopped
1/2 jalapenos chopped
1 carrot chopped
2 tbsp. oil
2 tbsp. taco seasoning
salt to taste
Two dash of paprika powder
Dash of hot sauce
chopped cilantro leaves and lime juice to taste


Heat a pan, add oil in it, When its hot, add garlic and jalapenos. When its saute for a minute, add all the vegetables and cook for 2 minutes.
then add seasoning, salt, paprika powder and mix it.
Add rice and cook it for 5 minutes on medium to low flame. When all flavors are melted together, shut off the gas and add hot sauce, coriander leaves and lime juice and mix it and keep it aside.

Ingredients for Refried Beans :

1 can refried beans
1 tsp taco seasoning
2 cloves chopped garlic
1 seedless Jalapenos chopped
few drops of Tabasco
1 tsp oil


In a Small pan, add oil.
Add garlic and jalapenos and saute till u get nice aroma , for minute or so.
Add refried beans , seasoning and little water to lose the mixture.
Stir it nicely and cover it and cook for 5 minutes on slow flame.

Ingredients for Peppers :

1 each Red and Green Capscium
1 onion , thinly slices
1 chopped garlic
1/2 chopped jalapenos
salt and lime juice as per taste
few leaves of chopped coriander leaves


Grilled both peppers and cut it in long slices.
Add onion slices and grilled it too.
add garlic and jalapenos.
Add salt, lime juice, coriander leaves and mix it and keep it aside.

Ingredients for Corn :

1 cup Roasted Corn
1 clove of garlic chopped
1/2 jalapenos chopped
salt and lime juice , coriander leaves


Roast the corn and take it out in a bowl.
Add rest of the ingredients and keep it aside.

I did mushroom too.

Pico De Gallo :


So now everything is ready , you just have to assemble.

Take a bowl. Add first rice, then beans, then peppers , then corn then mushrooms, then guacamole then hot sauce. Mix it or just eat it with layers.

Healthy and delicious burrito bowl is ready. You can put these in tortilla and eat it too.

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  1. Looks yummy :) I think I would have guacamole somewhere in ther too!

  2. wow delicious filling bowl dear.

  3. Lovely sumptuous meal. I somehow don't like brown rice and prefer basmati, also known for its healthy properties. I love the burrito bowl because rice is my all time fav.

    1. Oh ya you can make it with regular rice too, they have white rice too. its only in my house we use brown thats why

  4. a wholesome, filling, healthy dish.

  5. Awee you have reminded me of my USA visits.. I always eat this when I visit my kids there.

    1. So its time now for you to visit US again. Thank you

  6. Results of my & Haffa's Event Wedding Anniversary Cakes & Sweets has been announced.. Thank you so much for your participation!!

  7. Thats a detailed recipe ..Appreciate your efforts of cooking the entire dish .


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