Sunday, October 13, 2013

Raw Banana Wafers / Plaintain Chips

One day my son came back from school and told me mom, could you make yellow chips for me? its yummy and I like it, I said ok but its potato chips or something else. He said its not potato chips , I never had it that kind of chips before. So I told him ok when ever  or where ever you see that chips in stores let me know. So one day he was with me for Indian grocery and he saw banana wafers, he says mom look at that yellow chips  I was talking about. That time I know that he had those wafers in the school as snack and he loved it. So I brought one small packet and it was very costly but I wanted to make sure that he is talking about same chips, I did not wanted to do all the work and in the end he said that I was not talking about that. Gladly him and me both were on same page so I told him that ok finish this packet for now and I will make more for you. So when I saw raw bananas in the market, I remembered that I promised him something and I got 4 bananas. I made it and I liked it too. You can make it two ways, you can sliced it and put it in salt water as we do for potato chips , then dry it and then fry it or do the easy way, directly in the oil sliced it. I went for second one. I sliced it directly in the oil and fry it. So let me show you the recipe.

on other note, my recipe Authentic Falafel Balls  wins Swathi's Giveaway. Thank you so much Swathi, Lisa and Susan for a wonderful giveaway.

Ingredients :

4 Raw Bananas
oil to fry preferably coconut oil for authentic taste otherwise regular oil is fine.
Salt and pepper as per taste


Heat the oil in deep pan.

Peel off the skins of the bananas.

When oil is hot, slice the bananas in oil. Be very careful with this. don't overcrowded the pan. let them give the space so it can cook nicely and crunchy. Turn the side and cook on other side too.

Take it out on dish which has paper towel in it.

Sprinkle salt and pepper on it while it is still hot.

Then go ahead and fry another batch. Finish all the bananas and once you finish frying , sprinkle it with salt and pepper so it sticks.
Enjoy it as it is or with cup of tea or coffee.

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  1. Delicious Banana chips, Love it with tea. You made it perfectly. Congrats on your win again.
    My new website: Zesty South Indian Kitchen

  2. very crispy chips,love it anytime

  3. Perfectly made....very delicious and tempting!!!

  4. that's our kerala banana chips... yum...

  5. I have made it many a times and we love it as a side dish. Yum to the crispy and delightful outcome.

  6. wonderful chips perfectly made.Yummy yummy.

  7. Perfectly made banana chips! I love them and just can't stop at one.

  8. Wow ! Perfect banana wafers.Thanks for linking this to Gaythri's WTML Event.

  9. ooo...lovely wafers Linsy!! Well done.

  10. The Chips look yummy, I am going to make these for boys , as a snack Im sure their going to love them. Thanks..

  11. Like Rafee says this is our Kerala plaintain chips LOL...
    How did u cut it so evenly?U have done it reallly welll Linsy.

    1. Thanks Meena. I hope I made it right. For the picture purpose I took out all end parts that's why all even.

  12. perfectly made crispy and crunchy wafers...

  13. Delicious crispy banana wafers.. Perfect!


  14. In kerala we call it as kaya made exactly as our..looks so crispy..

  15. Very addictive crispy chips, my fav;..

  16. Perfectly made crispy and crunchy chips.

  17. Congratulations Linsy on your win! Yummy snack, it would be finished in no time :)

  18. Looks so tempting and very nice photos

  19. kerala chips wow !! they r perfectly made.. looks super crispy ...

  20. absolutely yummy ! congrats on winning the giveaway !

  21. This is our Kerala chips and you have made it perfectly.

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  22. Chips look moth watering, this is one of my fav snack :)

  23. Thanks for linking this to cuppa event. Looking for more wonderful recipes from you.

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