Saturday, October 5, 2013

Schezwan Vegetable Noodles

This dish don't need any introduction, Its all time favorite dish of Indo Chinese  cuisine and even  in regular Chinese restaurant too.  Now in this dish you can use your choice of vegetables, proteins , even noodles too. We don't use white noodles or so called "Atta noodles" too. That's why for any noodles dish we use whole wheat pasta as is spaghetti or linguini. You can alter spiciness as per your taste.  You know spicy food is good for who lives in hot weather, it cools your body? No wonder we Indians love spicy food.

Ingredients :

4 oz. WW Linguini or your choice of noodles
slice thin one each red onion, carrot, red and green capsicum, cabbage
2 green chilies
7 garlic cloves
10-12 long slices of ginger
2 tsp. soya sauce
2 tbsp. schezwan sauce (home made or store brand your choice)
1/2 tsp. chili flakes
1 tsp. teriyaki sauce
2 tsp.. peanut oil (regular oil is fine too)


Prepare noodles as per package direction, keep it aside.
Heat a wok, add 1 tsp. oil and add noodles in it.
Toss it very well and add 1 tsp. soya sauce and teriyaki sauce , you have to smell how nice it smells teriyaki when it hits hot noodles.
cook for minute or two and take it out.
In the same wok, add oil, add ginger, garlic and chilies and cook for minute.
Add all the vegetables and cook for a minute or two.
Add noodles in it. and soya sauce, schezwan sauce, chili flakes and toss it very well.

Before serving add chopped spring onion on top of it. I didn't had any spring onion so I got it Thai basil from my back yard and add it , it was amazing.

Personally I don't care for tomatoes or beans or eggplant to grow in the backyard because I have 10 Indian stores with in one mile from my house so I get those things very cheap but love to grow herbs. 



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  1. yummy hot n spicy noodles.... lov to have it

  2. yummmmm my favorite one...perfectly those adding of herbs....very tempting Linsy!!!!

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  4. You know you should be penalized for posting this in between Navratra, esp when it looks this delicious.
    Jokes apart, this is looking absolutely lip-smacking! :)

  5. YUmmy ofcourse .I love noodles a lot.

  6. Wow! Yummy noodles.Thanks for linking.Expecting more delicious recipes from you Linsy.

  7. Those basil grows in big bushes in my garden and definitely after seeing this recipe, its gonna be used for this splendid dish.

  8. Delicious noodles...I love hot and spicy noodles

  9. Delectable noodles dear, your so lucky to have so many Indian stores with in a mile....

  10. The noodles look yum and u say u have 10 Indian stores near by I wish I had at least one good store near by.

  11. how tasty this dish can be, im drooling looking at it

  12. Schezwan noodles looks delicious. Love it.

  13. i made chowmein for lunch lunch today:) i always save some of the cut veggies for a next round to make noodles in a different sauce. will do schzewan this time:)


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