Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pav Bhaji with Soya Granules / Mashed vegetables with soya granules

In Gujarat, we celebrate Dashera with grand finale, eating Fafda and Jalebi. After playing garba and raas for nine days, this is our way to enjoy 10th day. In Ahmedabad, people stand up in line to get fafda and jalebi , that's no difference here in NJ too. In my city there is one whole street is dedicated to Indian grocery stores, shops and restaurants, all shops had their stalls outside to sell fafda and jalebi and I got that too for me and my family.

About today's dish, We all make pav bhaji and everyone knows how to make it. Every time I make this dish and I thought seriously its worth post it? But then I said to myself , Yes its worth it because it's little different from regular pav bhaji.  To those who don't know what is pav bhaji means , Pav means bread and bhaji means vegetables. So its one pot meal eaten with bread. When we make this dish, we don't make dal with it so we are missing something in our diet so then I used to put soya granules in it. It serves two purpose it thickens fast and second, its become complete dish with vegetables and protein in one dish. You can adjust the spice level as per your taste buds, but personally I feel that when you are eating pav bhaji it has to be little more spicy then your regular food then only it taste good. But its your choice of level.

Ingredients :

6 cups of boiled and mashed vegetables ( carrot, cauliflower, potatoes, spring beans, eggplant, cabbage)
1 each red and green capsicum chopped
1/4 cup frozen green peas
1 cup soaked and dry soya granules
1 big onion chopped
few cashews
3 medium size tomato chopped
1 tbsp. ginger and green chili paste ( I crushed ginger and chili separately with little oil in it and froze it in ice tray so it is easy to use it and didn't waste it)

3 tbsp. oil (you can make it in butter too)
3 tbsp. pav bhaji masala (or as per your taste)
1 tbsp. red chili powder
salt to taste
coriander to sprinkle

To serve :

6 pav bhaji bread
butter to roast
chopped onion
Lime wedges
Fresh coriander leaves chopped


Washed and pressure cooked  vegetables and keep it aside.
Chop rest vegetables.
Heat a pan, add oil in it.
Add onions and cook till the raw smells gone.
Add ginger , green chili paste and pav bhaji masala.
cook for a minute, add tomatoes in it.
Cook it till it gets mushy.
Add red chili powder and mix it.
Add boiled vegetables and capsicum , green peas , soya and cook it till water is gone.
Add salt and cashews  in it.
Sprinkle lime juice and coriander leaves when ready to eat.

For the pav, slice it horizontally and apply butter in it and cook it in pan till bread is little brown on both sides. You can apply little pav bhaji masala on it too.

Serve it with bread, chopped onions on it and a side of Tawa Pulao and Vaghrela Marcha.

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  1. adding soya makes this dish more healthier...Thanks for sharing this idea!!!

  2. healthy and delicious one with soya.

  3. That pav bhaji and tawa pulao is killing me Linsy.
    Oh I want some jelebis too....I think I have some cake let me go and eat that :)

  4. That is a nice idea of adding soya granules. My son and I are non-soya lovers. But I can try this out :)

  5. bhaji masala always looks very tempting...

  6. Its really a nice idea to add soya... loved it

  7. Very creative with the adding of soya. Also the way you have made it by pressing into the ice container. Would love to try out soon.

  8. very very interesting and a very healthy version of pav bhaji :) looks so inviting and yummy !!

  9. Nice recipe Linsy. Looks so yummy. Can eat pav bhaaji any time and day

  10. that's a healthy twist to regular bhaji...looks delicious !

  11. Mouthwatering Linsy! I want to be your neighbor!!!

  12. Lovely addition to bhaji.My family big fan of pav bhaji .So will try this sometime.

  13. Thats a fabulous and nutritious twist to Pav bhaji,incredible dish.

  14. Wow.. lovely recipe.. healthy pav-bhaji.. loved it completely.. Thanks for sharing linsy.

  15. Very healthy and lovely recipe.

    I am fine and thank you so much for asking. Back to this world again.

  16. nice healthy twist to the regular bhaji; they look appealing ..

  17. Love the healthy twist of adding soy, will try this version...

  18. Wow, mouth watering pav bhaji..drooling here.

  19. Delicious & Healthy dish.Thanks for linking it to Gayathri's WTML Event.

  20. Very healthy dish...Looks wonderful!!


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