Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Grape and Carrot Salad

Some of this days don't feel like anything heavy, that time salad comes to mind. Don't like boring tomato, onion, cucumber in my mind, that time my treasure comes to my rescue. I was looking at one of the books , which I won at Nayna's Giveaway event . It has such a simple and quick snacks and easy to prepare at home without any fancy ingredients. One recipe caught my eye, Grape and carrot salad. It has literally 4 ingredients in salad but never had it together as salad and simple and flavorful dressing, so without thinking for a minute , I made it in five minutes and enjoy it with my glass of smoothie for my healthy and quick and light lunch. Don't believe me take a look at the recipe and see. You can make it in big batch too, just increase the amount of ingredients. Thank you so much Nayna for the wonderful books. In coming future will use it more and more this easy dishes.

Do you see this nice new header? thanks to Meena from elephantsandthecoconuttrees, she made this for me. I am so thankful to her from bottom of my heart to her work and support. GOD bless you Meena.

Ingredients :

20 Red seedless grapes cut in to halves
1 medium carrot peeled and grated
2 tbsp. Roasted salted peanuts
1 tbsp. fresh chopped coriander leaves

Dressing :
1 tbsp. ground roasted peanuts
1/2 tsp. lemon zest
1 tbsp. lemon juice
pinch of chili flakes


In a bowl, add the grape halves, shredded carrot, chopped coriander and peanuts.
Mix all.
In another bowl add ground peanuts, chili flakes, lemon zest and the lime juice.
Combine to form a dressing
Pour the dressing over the salad and toss to coat all the salad ingredients.
Transfer to a serving dish and serve immediately with a slice of bread or pita or as it is.

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  1. Healthy salad. Seriously some days for me also don't like to cook, want simple dishes like soups and salads.

  2. Salad looks delicious and healthy.

  3. I love the header and I also love the simply salad.

  4. Loved the simple recipe!! reminds me of gaajar no sambharo!! Made it today :)

  5. I am sure I will live this salad.Loved the addition of grapes and I am definitely going to try it. Thanks for sharing dear

  6. wow wow such an interesting combo for salad :) looks so yummy !!

  7. do join my event below..looking for your delicious recipes....
    Thanking you
    Event Name : “Dish-it-out” – “Light Dinners”

  8. Wow what a light and nutritious lunch linsy .

  9. Kudos to u sis (meena)...Ur such a helpful person ..

  10. A very simple salad. Two ingredients which I am sure are available in Mombasa throughout the year.

  11. yum and healthy your new header..

  12. Great salad Linsy.the carrots and the crunch from the peanuts.....lovely combo.

  13. Salad looks yummm.
    Thank you for the header comments :)

  14. delicious healthy tangy salad..


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