Friday, January 24, 2014

Paneer Gulkand Burfi / Indian Cottage Cheese Fudge with rose petals

I like to make paneer at home, specially if I have to make some thing out of fresh paneer. This is the reason I made paneer, to make burfi out of it. After making paneer if you are using it for sweet dishes, make sure you rinse it after the whey is draining out. Otherwise your sweet dish will ruin. This is simple and fast burfi if you have paneer at home, I have added gulkand to reduce sugar quantity in this and use only two tablespoons of ghee. So its not that heavy either.

Ingredients :

2 cups of fresh paneer
6 tbsp. of sugar
2 tbsp. of warm gul kand / Rose petals
6 Almonds powder or finely chopped
2 tbsp. of Ghee


Take paneer, sugar, gul kand, almond powder in a bowl and mix it thoroughly .

Heat a pan, Add ghee in it, once it melted, add paneer mixture.

Cook till its leaves side , at least good 10 minutes.

Once done, spread it in greased dish and once its cooled, cut it in desired shape.
If you like you can add melted chocolate also while cooking paneer or drizzle it on the top once its in dish.

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  1. Fabulous taste and definitely me take all the way.

  2. Paneer burfi looks super tasty. Easy to make yummy dessert Linsy

  3. super delicious gulkand paneer burfi, love it sis...

  4. never made paneer burfi on its own. Must be easy and tasting yummy.

  5. very very interesting burfi linsy :) what an innovation, looks so delicious :)

  6. Wow u r tempting me with gulkhand.I love it very much :).Adding of paneer to gulkhnd is so sweet .def worth the try .

  7. Looks awesome Linsy! Pretty easy as well...I have to look for gulukand next time I visit Indian stores.

  8. Love the flavour of the rose petals.

  9. Wow looking so sweet <3

  10. Wow Linsy!! Great Barfi!! i sure am going to try it..

  11. Wow paneer with gulkand I am craving for it.
    Did u use store bought gulkand? if so tell me a good brand.

  12. I got big can of 24 oz. , company name is punchranga. Will click a pic n send you.

  13. When i searched about paneer gulkand burfi in internet. I saw many dishes but this is awesome. I saw the similar kind of recipe in this blog when i came across searching for recipes


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