Monday, January 13, 2014

Motichur Laddos / Sweet Indian Balls

Everyone love this sweet dish and to have it during festivals it add more charm to it. but some of things you can have it year around. When during festivals too much sugary stuff going on, you have to hold on some of the dishes for the rest of the year. So made it later on to enjoy this sweet balls. After blogging I came to know so many dishes are so easy to make it home and we can control the ingredients so much that we don't need to buy it from outside where its loaded with artificial stuff or sugary or buttery. This is one of the dish, I thought that its very hard to make it at home, but after watching bloggers made it with so deliciously , I tried it and first try not bad. I didn't added any artificial color in it because  I don't like it but if you want you can add yellow or orange color in sugar syrup or in batter.

Boondi laddo and motichur are almost same, only difference is in boodi laddo, boondi are big where in motichur its like little drops of pearls and not cooked till it become hard.

Ingredients for boondi batter :

1 cup besan (chick pea flour)
1 tbsp. sooji / Semolina

For the sugar syrup :

1 cup sugar
1 cup water
1 tbsp. milk
color if you are adding it

Rest of the ingredients :

6 chopped almonds
pinch of cardamom powder
oil / ghee for frying


Mix the boondi batter with 3/4 cup of water, start with 1/2 water, don't add all water at once. Batter should be thick like dosa or pancake one.
Keep it aside.
In a medium pan, add sugar and water and make a simple syrup , add milk in it so the bad or dirt will come on the top and take it out. Make it 1 string consistency syrup. At this point you can add food color in this one too.

Heat a oil or ghee in pan.
When hot, hold a perforated spoon (bundi jhara) over the hot ghee  oil  and pour a little bundi batter at a time using a ladle over the perforated spoon. Spread the batter with the back of a spoon so that the boondi falls into the oil.

Fry the bundis over a high flame to a light golden colour, taking care to ensure that they are not very crisp.
Don't forget to wipe off the spoon every time you used to pour the batter. That will give you nice boondies

I made all the boondies and then I dip them in sugar syrup. Leave them in that for at least 5 minutes.
Then put everything in blender along with 2 tbsp. of hot water and crushed it.
Take it out in a bowl.
Add cardamom powder and almonds in it and mix it.
Make a golf size balls or as per your liking, and roll them in almond for a little crunch outside.
Store it in air tight container and enjoy it.

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  1. awesome laddus :) too tempting

  2. I sure am going to try these laddus!!! They are favorite at home..

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  4. I shall try and I like the flavors of the laddu.

  5. delicious one .

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  6. Motichoor laddu looks delicious. Linsy.

  7. These ladoos look great, you haven't specified how much water is needed in sugar syrup in the recipe.

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  9. Wow ladooo...I want atleast 4 pl :))

  10. wow thats an yummy and delicious moti chur ki ladoo :)

  11. They sure look delicious & easy to make, yummy laddoos!

  12. Wow ..too good dear..ladoos look too delish

  13. Yummy ladoos... Want some...


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