Friday, May 16, 2014

Thandai Ras Malai / Cottage cheese balls in Spiced Milk

Again , my milk gone bad and I had no choice but to make paneer. Thinking cap was on about how to use this. Now a days we all have this urge to eat dessert after diner, so I ended having something in my fridge. So was thinking in that direction only about sweet dish. Thought to make Ras malai, but not the traditional one , I wanted to do some twist in that and thought why not to add Thandai masala in ras malai? so I did it and oh l love it. You can just make thandai ras gulla too, no need to add it in spiced milk or rabdi.

Ingredients :

1 cup home made paneer
1 tbsp.. Thandai masala
1 tbsp. semolina
1 tsp. cardamom powder
1 tbsp. sugar

for Syrup :

2 cups water
1 cup sugar

For Spiced Milk :

1 can of Evaporated milk
2 cans of whole milk (empty evaporated milk first in pan and in that can , take two times whole milk)
4-5 tbsp. of sugar
2 tbsp. Thandai masala
few saffron sillks

Method for Balls :

Make sure your paneer is dry and washed and had no sourness of vinegar in it.
Put it in blender and mix it for a minute or separate it with hand for five minutes.
take it out, add sugar, semolina, thandai masala, cardamom and mix it and mix it till your hands become oily.
The more you  knead the paneer the softer balls would be.
By the time you make all balls, start making sugar syrup.
In big pan, add water and sugar and boil it.
Once all balls are done, add it in it and close the lid and cook it for 15 minutes. Shut off the gas and open the lid and leave it inside till its cold.

Now make Rabdi for it.
Heat a big bowl, add both the milk, sugar, thandai masala, saffron and cook it till its thicken little bit.
Don't thicken too much because it will thicken once its cold.
Take it out in bowl so it get cold.
NEVER EVER put cold balls in hot milk. ONLY put it when both are completely cool.
Gently squish water from balls and add it in cold milk.
Put it in fridge so its chilled.
Serve in individual bowl with two balls with lots of milk.
You can add thandai masala to only in milk or only in balls too.
You can saffron in milk or paneer too.
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  1. Rasmalai using thandai masala........ Sounds interesting, looks tempting !!

  2. Looks yummy and comfortable dish....

  3. Rich and tasty dessert. Perfect outcome. Love it!

  4. Thandai flavour, My favourite !

  5. yummy thandai.. dessert looks delish :)

  6. Adding thandai masala to it is a great idea! Perfect sweet for celebration :)

  7. I'm so tempted looking at the pic.. Looks too yummy dear..

  8. Don't know about thandai and wondering if paneer can be made with expired milk; if I got it right after reading your first line in the intro. I like these type of desserts for the sweet and creamy punches.

  9. Sounds very interesting and looks yummy:-)

  10. Dessert sounds interesting,looks so yummy

  11. wow...Linsy, we loved this aromatic twist on Rasmalai...thandai spice makes them all the more tempting,fragrant and delicious :-)

  12. The sweet twist. Great idea.

  13. sounds interesting.. nice and yumm..

  14. Mouthwatering dessert...ras malai is one of my favorite dessert for summer...

  15. Nice take on the traditional dessert!

  16. that's an awesome variation...

  17. Your people at home are gifted, you are trying absolutely verity of recipes!! Going Going Linsy!!!

  18. This looks really delicious! I love making recipes with milk :) I will try this out very soon! :) Thank you! ~ Bhaktin Christina

  19. Sounds so so yummy .Thanks for linking it to favourite recipes event .

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