Sunday, June 29, 2014

Asian Store Trip

In my neighborhood, there is a one south Asian Store but on other side of the town, one more new store open, after a worth wait of one year. So first chance I got, I went there and boy, I was in food heaven, all the chinese vegetables, sauces, noodles, tofu varieties. I was in big dilemma what to buy and what not to buy. So finally narrow down to some of the things which I can use it fast and then go again to amazing store. This time I went with my kids and parents and it was weekend so they had lot of new products and its samples too. So Kids tried lot of things and they find one particular sample very interesting and they loved it so I get that home for lunch. Store's name is Asian Foods.

 Lot of varieties of greens and vegetables.
 Leek flowers, chives and what not.
then comes All sorts of noodles

Sauces and all kind of drinks

But my kids love this Chives stuffed pockets. 
 It comes in 4 stuffed pockets.
 Just heat up the pan, add one tsp. of oil and cook it on both sides, cut it and have it as it is or served with your favorite sauce. For kids I just had it as it is.
Hope you like my visit to the beautiful amazing south asian store. Going to use other stuff to make my diner. 


  1. Nice post give the store name so we could check if they are having some chain nearby us,

  2. Wow going to the Asian store is always such a joy. I miss that now a days. between your baked medu vada looks perfect. a must try.


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