Monday, June 9, 2014

Quinoa , Barley and Lentils Haleem

Before marriage I used to eat all kind of food which includes meat and seafood too. After marriage I stop that but when I feel like having whole spices and spicy food which gives flavors of meaty dishes, nothing comes next to haleem. Had it lot of time at friend's place and Muslim friend's marriages and it was absolutely delicious. One day I was remembering my old days and food and all thoughts are coming in to mind so I decided to make haleem for my diner. Oh the best thing it was for me only , my husband was not having diner at home so it was perfect for me. Basically haleem is cooked on slow heat for long time so meat is almost melt in the gravy and you have kind of thick soup kind of consistency. Both Pakistani and Hyderabadi Haleem recipes are awesome. I wanted to have same taste , so I got Haleem spice packet , I didn't wanted to compromise on my taste. You just to think ahead if you want to make this dish, so you have to soak barley 8 hours before and other lentils 3-4 hours  and of course soya nuggets 30 minutes before you start your dish. so lets cook.

Ingredients :

1/4 cup soaked Barley
1/2 cup Quinoa

1/2  cup each orange Masoor dal, chana dal, toover dal
2-3 tbsp. readymade Haleem masala
2 big red onion
3-4 tbsp. oil
1/4 cup soya nuggets (if you want you can use granules too)

For garnish : fried onions, lime wedge, few cilantro leaves

I used this brand but if you can get Shan masala then its awesome too.


Heat a Deep non stick pan, add 2 tbsp. oil and add thinly sliced 1 red onion and make it brown. Keep it aside.

In same pan , add other chopped onion and cook till its brown.

then add spice powder . It has salt in it so no need to add salt.

After that add all the soaked lentils and barley and soya and quinoa.
Add 4-5 cups of water and cover the lid and cook till all the lentils are cooked and quinoa also cooked.
You don't need dry, it should have very thick soupy consistency.
At the time of serving, take out the haleem in bowl , topped with fried onions, lime wedges and cilantro and enjoy as it is or with yogurt or raita

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  1. that's a really healthy version of haleem....

  2. Looks like a protein packed dish- will try this :)

  3. Lots of healthy grains for healthiness. We seldom have quinoa but its time I should start.

  4. Nice option for vegetarians.

  5. Healthy vegetarian meal...wonderful recipe Linsy !

  6. a very different dish... new to me.

  7. I love ur idea for cooking by mixing ingredients and haleem without meat for vegetarians awesome.

  8. I have never cooked with soya or the Haleem spice. So a very new dish for me.

  9. Filling and healthy,looks so yummy

  10. Nutritious and healthy meal!

  11. Full of protein packed meal.. will try soon.

  12. kya baat h na...When u read haleem i said oh non veg....Now i know it is one healthy meal:)

    1. yaar, mera veg blog hai to non veg? thanks, love to twist dishes.

  13. different way of including quinoa in diet...

  14. loved you veg healthy version oh haleem...looks very delicious....

  15. Another beautiful, nutritious recipe! Thanks for linking up to #recipeoftheweek – I have pinned this post to my food boards and scheduled in a tweet for this evening :)

  16. Delicious healthy recipe, thanks for sharing with Hearth and Soul blog hop.

  17. nutritious recipe....thanks for linking to my event

  18. That's very innovative indeed and healthy too. Thanks for linking it to ONLY.

  19. I missed that this also has barley. Sorry can't accept.


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