Monday, January 6, 2020

2 Ingredients Puff Pastry Croissants

I just love to cook for my kids and they simply just love croissants. Now the regular way to make croissants it's very long and I am not sure I have that much patience or I can do it. Maybe one day I will do it but for now, I satisfied my kid's craving for a croissant with this just two ingredients recipe. The first ingredient is puff pastry which I used pepperidge farm which is vegan and the second ingredient is everyone's favorite Nutella. With this just two ingredients, you can make 12 nice size croissants with the ooey-gooey warm Nutella in it.  You can use egg to give a quick shine on it but I just use butter spray. In puff pastry, it comes with two sheets, which I have used. One sheet will give you 6.

You can take it out puff pastry out for 10 minutes and then cut it and put the Nutella and bake it.

Ingredients : 

2 Puff pastry sheets
12 tbsp Nutella
Butter spray

Method : 

Heat oven to 375 F.

Sprinkle flour on the kitchen platform and spread the pastry.

With the rolling pin make it roll out the pastry and make it even.

With the pizza cutter cut the pastry along the three folding lines into thirds, then cut each long rectangle into two long triangles, making total six triangles.

Place a tablespoon of Nutella on the wide side of the pastry and spread a little bit but do not go till the end, leave 1 or 2 inches space so when its baked Nutella doesn't come out.

Then roll it from the wide-angle to small one, and it will shape like a croissant.

Repeat with the rest and put it on the baking dish. Spray butter sprays on the top of it and bake it for 15-20 minutes or till it becomes brown.

Take it out on the wire rack and let it cool down for 10 minutes. Then you can enjoy it with coffee or tea or for kids with milk.

You can store it in an airtight container for later use.


  1. That is a brilliant idea that kids would love too...

    1. yes, my kids finished first batch while I was working on second batch.


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