Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chole Kathi Roll (chick Peas Frankie)

We all had kathi rolls, stuffed with all kinds of vegetables, meats, paneer or even tofu. I was thinking about making quick lunch and I had leftover chole in the fridge and frozen whole wheat Malaysian roti. Ta da, lunch is done.

You can make this from fresh chole or leftover. You can use leftover rotis, paraths, Malaysian parathas, Tortillas. Any form of round bread you have in house and you can make it. Or if you are making fresh roti,  go ahead and make it too.

Ingredients :
1 cup leftover Chole
1 packets Malaysian Whole wheat rotis
Green Chutney to spread

Heat up leftover chole in microwave for 2 minutes so it's ready to go.
Heat up non stick Griddle on medium flame and put one roti to heat up.
when it's heat up both side and nice and brown, apply green chutney on it and put two heaping spoon of chole in it.
Fold it from one side and then other side.

Put in aluminium foil and serve it immediately with green chutney, fried green chilies and onions.

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  1. Nice way to use up leftover chole...delicious

  2. Hey thank you for stopping by my space. I love kathi rolls and it's a great way of using chole. Loads of cooking adventurous wished to you here:))

  3. Great way to have a quick snack.

  4. Very innovative Kitchen Queen. Why do you need non-veg when you have all these delicious options there :) I could have a bite off that frankie

  5. Looks yummy ...first time here love ur blog. am your new follower pls visit and join my space your free time.

  6. Looks yummy.Thanks for linking.

  7. Quick and easy roll!!
    Love it. The ready made roti makes it all the more easy!

  8. You can buy various types indian grocery and food products from to make different type of traditional indian receipes.


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