Friday, October 12, 2012

Home Made Khoya (Mawa)

Khoya is a milk cheese, made either from milk powder or traditionally by reducing whole milk in an open skillet for long hours. It is one of the most famous and a classic ingredient in Indian cooking where it is used both for savory as well as sweet dishes. But more often than not, you will see a plethora of age old traditional sweets calling for this ingredient. You can find Khoya in India very easily but out of India it is very hard to find and if it is there then it's very expensive , laying in the freezer god knows how old it is. so I decided to try to make it at home. With doubt in my mind that I will finish it off or not, I did it. I used half gallon of milk and I was done in 60 minutes so not bad deal and above all its fresh and easy to make it. Once you try it trust me you will never go back to buy it ready made  With khoya possibilities are endless, you can add it in barfi, peda, gujias, halwa or any savory dish which requires khoya. 


half gallon of milk

Steps :

Using Using a non stick pan helps a lot to avoid the milk from getting burnt. Even a little burn can spoil the entire milk.
Brig the milk to boil in non stick pan.

Stir continuously so it doesn't stick at the bottom.
stir until milk completely thickens to form mava and there is no water inside.

With half gallon of milk, I get desired result in 60 minutes and at the end I got 2 cups of fresh mawa.



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