Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gulkand Phirni / Rose preserve Milk based Dessert

Phirni is the most easiest dish ever. I don't know about you guys but when ever I have chance, instead of making kheer or any thing else with milk, I make phirni. It taste good, easy to make and filling too and you can have guilt free because you know how much sugar is in it. Only problem is I don't find those earthy containers here so I always end up using either plastic glasses or steel bowls. But I don't care for that, I just have to eat it. This time I added Gulkand in it. Now I have opened the can, so you will see few dishes with Gulkand in coming days. While making this dish, you have to add less sugar because gulkand is sweet enough.

Oh BTW today is my birthday so its a virtual treat for you everyone.  Enjoy it.

Ingredients :

1/2 liter whole milk (full fat milk)Use coconut milk for vegan.
1 can evaporated milk
3-4 Tbsp. Sugar
2 tbsp. rice flour
1/4 cup milk to mix rice flour
2-3 tbsp. gulkand (Rose petals preserve)
You can add rose essence or rose flavor drink but I personally don't like it so I didn't add it.


Heat a big non stick pan. Add both milk in it and boiled it. Because of evaporated milk, its become thick very fast.
Mix rice flour and milk , make sure there is no lump in it and its smooth paste.
Add that in milk and mix it constantly.
Add sugar in it and mix it.
When its thicken,  turn off the gas and add gulkand in it. If you are using rose syrup add it this time.

Pour it in which ever container your are going to serve it.
Let it cool outside and when its cold, put a plastic on it and put it in the freeze.
At the time of serving add teaspoon of gulkand on top of it and serve it chilled.

Enjoy chilled Gulkand Phirni.

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  1. best wishes on ur day... it looks yum...

  2. Heyyy Linsy happy Birthday to you.
    Love phirni hmm with with rose is yumm.
    I have never seen the gulkhand in Indian stores here.

  3. Replies
    1. I guess so , but I have never made it, will try it that some time soon.

  4. Phirni and gulkand bth r so tasty as it is .. wen these 2 mix.. imagining how tasty the phirni would have tasted ...

  5. Looks delicious- I would definitely try this out using coconut milk.

  6. wow phirni with gulkand might have been very refreshing isn't it :) looks super yummy and tempting me dear !!

  7. While I have tasted a different version of phirni, really haven't attempted on making. I would certainly love a small serving esp after my meals.

  8. love the way you have added gulkand in phirni...looks delectable...

  9. Very aromatic phirni, very tempting.

  10. "Phirni" the word itself is new to me and your recipe looks so tasty..thank you

  11. Wish you a very very happy birthday Linsy,and wish you loads of love and success :) You are as sweet as the Gulokand you have posted in this recipe and may you have lots of sweetness in your life.

    Love the phirni, and thank you so much for bringing it over to my party :)

  12. looks super yummy n tempting..

  13. yummy, delicious phirni. Love it.

    On-going event: healthy breakfast

  14. Loved your innovation of adding gulkand. must be delicious.

  15. looks like you already preparing for diwali:) has been a while had gulkand in a dessert. great phirni recipe

  16. never get a chnace to taste this..very yummy luking

  17. thank you for linking it to the wrml event waiting for more delicious and mouth watering entries from you dear...

  18. This looks interesting. Thanks for linking the recipe to my giveaway =)

  19. Perfect this winters...loved every bit of it....yum yum yum..
    Link in my event and 2 giveaways

  20. Lovely post! Full of information about your flavourful recipes :)
    Thanks very much for sharing!
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