Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sweet Potato with Fenugreek leaves | Mitha Aloo with Methi

I heard lot of times , people don't like methi (fenugreek) because of its bitter taste. For me its not a big deal, I love to eat methi or karela without adding any sweetness in it like typical gujju dishes. But this dish is for the people who have difficulties making  and using this vegetables just because of its taste. I think I have found solution of it, add sweet potatoes in it and you won't have that bitterness of methi. Try it to believe it.

Ingredients :

1 Sweet potatoes cut in big chunks
1 bunch of methi, washed and chopped
2 tbsp. of oil
1 onion finely chopped
1 tbsp. red chili powder
1 tbsp. cumin coriander powder
1 tsp. Turmeric powder
1 tbsp. ginger, garlic and chili paste
salt to taste


Pick, clean, washed and chopped methi and keep it aside.
Heat a pan, add oil in it.
Add onion and cook till its pink.
Add ginger, garlic paste, all powder masala and cook for a minute.
Add sweet potatoes and cover and cook for five minutes of low flame.
Add washed methi in it and mix it and cover and cook till its done.
At the end, add salt because methi will shrink down and if you add it before, you will fool by quantity and it will be salty later on. so always add salt in greens when they are about to done so you get the idea of real quantity.
Serve hot with roti and dal , chawal (rice).

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  1. Healthy curry and looks delicious..

  2. Interesting recipe with methi leaves and sweet potato , sure! I will try this healthy combo... Delicious!

  3. I've got no issue with the bitterness. Only thing I seem can't find around my area. So I use the dried version. The sweet potatoes definitely worked so well for the wonderful taste.

    1. Me too no issues. Try with dry one if you can find it.thanks

  4. I love fresh methi without any vegetables and I also love sweet potatoes so this would be a great combination for me.

    1. Sure. Try it I am sure you will like it, thank you

  5. One of my favorites and sweet potatoes would add just the right touch, Linsy.

  6. Interesting combo ! looks delicious !

  7. my fav combo with methi leaves..yummy with chapathis !

  8. Linsy, is it telepathy or what??? I too used sweet potato! I have noticed that whenever I have made something, you too have used the same ingredient.
    Lovely idea of combining methi and sweet potato.

    1. That's why I comment on your post that I also have sweet potato dish coming up.

  9. Love methi aloo ...u made with it with sweet potato as usual u are innovative Linsy.

  10. Very nice Linsy , love the combo of sweet potato and fenugreek, thanks for sharing with Hearth and soul blog hop.


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