Monday, March 30, 2015

Pesto Vegetables Croissant sandwich

Nowadays, need something filling but quick lunch for work. So I made vegetables in pesto sauce for my 
husband and had a leftover over a cup, so I thought why not to use it for my lunch.  Had a box of 
croissant at home and that have to finish up before it become hard so take my  pesto vegetables in one 
container and croissant in foil , took it to work, made a sandwich at lunch time, click  whatever way I can
click pictures so I can share it with you all.  So pardon me with my pictures, I just wanted to share with 
you all my ideas, you can do better.  Take your favorite vegetables and cook it with pesto , stuffed it in 
Malaysian paratha or tortilla too.


2 croissants
1 each red and green capsicum, chopped finely
1 carrot, chopped finely
½ Yam chopped finely
½ zucchini chopped
¼ cup fresh pesto
Salt and pepper for vegetables because pesto has everything. 


In a pan, add your pesto, cook for a minute, add your vegetables and just cook till its heated thru. I don’t 

like soggy vegetables so I just sauté for a few minutes only.  Take it out. 

Warm your croissant, slice from the middle, and don't cut it till the end. 

Stuff your stuffing in the croissant and enjoy your lunch.


  1. Why not to such a dish? I will love. Use what's available and have a decent meal.

  2. Filling your croissant with the pesto roasted vegetables is certainly a tasty way to enjoy lunch.

  3. Lovely tempting sandwiches. With pesto, its sounding to be really yummy.

  4. lovely lunch. Don't get nice croissants here but whenever I am in UK or Canada, I add any left over veg or use salad as a filling to make a lovely croissant sandwich.

  5. def i will do the same..yummy

  6. That's what sin looks like :D :D :D Mouthwatering.

  7. Quick and a tasty lunch. Liked the idea.

  8. Love the idea. Very inviting and delicious, Yummy yummy

  9. A fast option to fill our tummies.....and simultaneously tasty...... :)

  10. I love vegetarian sandwiches and this looks and sounds so good. It's a nice idea to serve it in a croissant too. Pinned and yummed! Thank you for sharing with us at the Hearth and Soul hop.

  11. Looks so beautiful...Feeling hungry now!


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