Friday, March 27, 2015

Vindaloo Paneer Tikka Wrap

I was thinking about making paneer tikka, but as usual what’s the use if I am also making it same way. So
my vindaloo paste in fridge and took that out, add my paneer and veggies along with yogurt and vindaloo
paste and keep it in this marinade for 4 hours and then grill it and make a yummy wrap, all was gone and
no leftovers were there, That’s what I like, when I don't have to look for containers to store food.
Because I just can not see containers take space in my fridge. There is enough stuff I have to put it
fridge, right.  So here I made this and made wrap in malaysia paratha, so its easy and yummy too.


2-3 tbsp. Vindaloo paste
1 each red and green capsicum
1 onion in big chunks
½ cup paneer or as per your choice more or less
½ cup yogurt
Salt to taste
2 tbsp.  oil


Chopped capsicum and onion in big chunks, keep it aside.

In a big bowl, add yogurt, vindaloo paste, vegetables and salt and mix it nicely.

If you have time, leave this for 4 hours, if not then at least hour.

When it’s done and you are ready to cook, heat a nonstick, add oil in it.

Take just the vegetables and paneer and grill it for few minutes, you don’t need to overcook it, just for

3-4 minutes and done.

If you see water is coming out of marinade, scooped out vegetables, and cook the water from the

marinade and use that as your sauce,

See in this picture, on top of it, that’s the sauce.

Cook your Malaysian paratha, spread the tikka on it, put some sauce too , fold it and enjoy with glass of
wine or bottle of beer. It’s perfect for beer.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Minnie for your constant support. your comments & friendship are very valuable for me.

  2. cant say how much i love paneer in wraps:) Looks fantastic :)

    1. Thanks Shweta, i think its everyone's favorite.

  3. Super yummy wrap dear.. Looks too tempting.

  4. very healthy n yummy to have one,feeling hungry!

  5. lovely wraps. I had bookmarked your vindaloo paste but still haven't made it. Maybe should make it this week and use it with vegs to make wraps.

    1. sure , i made it in big batch and saved it so dont have to go thru the process all time. Thanks

  6. That's a nice twist to the regular paneer tikka.. Looks yum!

  7. Awesome Linsy u made vindaloo with paneer I cannot help but wonder how u get such wonderful ideas.I agree I too hate when containers take space in fridge its horrible.

    1. I always think outside the box, i mean if you google, you will be thousands of same recipe, I don't want to part of it,, thats why I create my versions of dishes. Thanks for the compliments

  8. Looks delicious, thanks for sharing with Hearth and soul blog hop.

  9. Spicy Wrap...easy to carry and have on the go!!!


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