Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Instant Microwave Rice kheer

I just love instant dessert, now I have a habit of eating something sweet after dinner. My usual stock was done and that day before I start my diner I was thinking about my dessert. Had a big bowl full of rice, having it since two days and not in a mood to eat it now so thought why not to make instant kheer and that too in microwave. Because rice is already cooked so I don't have to heat up pan and stand in front of gas and do all those things. So made kheer in microwave, when it's cold , put it in fridge, by the time I was done with dinner, it was nicely cold and thick to enjoy it. So whenever you have little rice leftover, thinking what to do, make this and enjoy.


4 Tbsp. Cooked Rice
3 Tbsp. sugar or as per taste
1 cup of full fat milk
1/4 cup Heavy cream
As per your choice Almonds, Cashew, Pista
Few strands of Saffron


In a microwave safe bowl, add rice, sugar, milk and heavy cream.

Mix it gently.
Put it in microwave for 2 minutes, stir it at one minute and put it back.
When its done, add nuts and saffron and mix it again.
Keep it out till its cool down.
Once its cold, put it in fridge, at least one hour is good.
Take it out when its nice and cold, have it as it is or I just put a dollop of whipped cream and cherry on the top and enjoy it .
If you are fond of warm one, you don't need to fridge it. 

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  1. wow... that's a superquick one...

  2. Wow the kheer looks superb...Love the idea of making it in the microwave..

  3. Wow.. delicious and quick affair !

  4. That's a super quick easy recipe to make kheer. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Easy microwave kheer recipe, looks delicious.

  6. Say yeh to this kheer. I love such simply desserts. So easy to make and as you said, fulfilling as a closing after a meal.

  7. loved the creamy color,yumm :)

  8. What a lovely, wholesome instant dessert! Thank you for sharing your Microwave Rice Kheer with us at the Hearth and Soul hop.

  9. Yummy rice dessert.. Looks delicious!


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