Friday, March 7, 2014

Carrot Gulkand( Rose Petals) Halwa - No sugar

Who don't like this delicious yet easy halwa, but if you made it traditional way, you have to cook it with lot of ghee, dry fruits, mawa, milk, sugar and then after you feel so guilty that you had this much more than you supposed to and promised yourself that you are not going to eat it. But I will show you how to make this delicious halwa healthy way so you can eat it without guilt. Well we are little health freak but never compromising on taste. We are not using sugar in this halwa, instead we are going to use naturally sweet dates puree.

To make puree of dates, soaked them in hot water for 20-30 minutes, when its nice and soft make a fine paste using little or less water. IF you have leftover puree, make something else , its will last for up to a week in fridge. So all the awesome food lovers out there, this is for you.


1 lb. carrots (washed and grated)
4 tbsp. gulkand (rose petals) if you don't have this , use more date paste.

Date Paste to taste, remember carrots and gulkand both are sweet so use it accordingly (soak dates in water for 15 minutes and make a fine puree in blender and use it as needed)

1/2 cup Mawa
1/2 cup milk / heavy cream / almond milk / coconut milk / evaporated milk
nuts per your choice I used cashew and black raisins
1 tbsp. ghee
Pinch of cardamom powder


Heat a non stick pan, add ghee in it, add carrots and cook for 5 minutes.
Then add mawa , cardamom powder and milk and cook until its almost dry.
Add gulkand and date paste and nuts and cook till no water is there and halwa become dry.
Total time would be 20-30 minutes.
Serve hot or cold as per your choice. I like it hot in winter and cold in summer with vanilla ice cream.

 You can make fig puree and use it too. Add any nuts you like. To make it vegan use almond milk or coconut milk and omit mawa.
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  1. Looks inviting.. Yummy halwa..gulkand adds in more taste to this.

  2. Looks very inviting and yummy..

  3. Yummy tasty creative dessert. Like to taste it right now.

  4. Mindblowing Halwa, carrot and gulkand thats something tempts me a lot.

  5. Great idea!! I can totally relate to overeating the traditional halwa and then feeling bad..

  6. Great combo to try this yet

  7. ah ha such an exotic combo and the halwa looks very delicious :) love this flavorful halwa , and you have sweetend them with gulkand very interesting :)

  8. carrot halwa with dates, must be tasting good.Lovely idea.

  9. Wow So much to this halwa .Very delicious dessert .

  10. I'm with the rest on this lovely halwa. I love it to the max.

  11. Carrots, dates and gulgand, lovely and deadly combo and delicious halwa.... yummy...

  12. Looks very tempting and inviting dear :) yumm !!

  13. I love how you have made the halwa so much healthier! It's a great idea to add the date paste.

  14. This is new to me. Very interesting combo and looks delicious!

  15. lovely .. u r so Talented Linsy .. u come up with so many innovative recipes..

  16. With all these healthy ingredients, I bet this halwa taste wonderful.

  17. lovely Halwa, Linsy. Thank you so much for dropping by and linking it to FR- Event.

  18. This halwa is definitely very flavorful, tasty and aromatic.

  19. Wow hot halwa with rose petals in winter that is simply awesooome Linsy.


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